Private Lessons
Private Lessons
Learning yoga one-on-one maximizes student growth by meeting you whereever you are, in your own unique journey, and with specialized instruction to meet your own specific needs. The practice will be modified and adapted to truly fit and honor you on your path.

Healing Lessons
Regular practice of yoga can alleviate all sorts of chronic conditions and stabilize mood. Students with Migraines, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, emotional trauma, anxiety, depression, and other health conditions find that private lessons have powerful therapeutic benefits on the mind and the body! 

Intro to Yoga Lessons
Group classes can be overwhelming or intimidating to students new to yoga. Intro to Yoga sessions will clarify foundational poses, with special attention to breathwork and alignment. Feel fully supported by a caring teacher who encourages you to ask as many questions as your heart desires in a safe and postive learning environement. Ola offers suggestions and feedback that will improve a student's confidence, self-awareness and enthusiasm for learning!

Deepening Lesson
Intermediate and Advanced yogis who are ready to deepen or accelerate their transformation can benefit from one-on-one sessions to tackle more challenging yoga practices. Ola's encouraging teaching style and hands-on adjustments will empower you to refine elements of your practice. 

Individual Private Lesson: $90/hour
Package of 4 Private Lessons: $320 (Discounted rate for Package)

Semi-private and Group classes: Email for Rates